My name is Fillimena -- ("Fill-'Lemon'-Ah"),
I'm a Native American Indian artist of the Shoshone tribe. My works are offered as a tribute to the culture of the Northern Plains Indians. All items are authentic and handcrafted by me as collectors artifacts, tribal dance regalia, and custom jewelery in a celebration of the spirit of my Shoshone ancestry.

    Native American Indian Cultural Artifacts:
  • Dream Catchers - Medicine Wheels - Talking Sticks
  • Beaded Buckskin Medicine Bags - Beaded Feather Smudging Fans
  • Ceremonial Pipes - Smoking Hawks - Tomahawks
    Shoshone Porcupine Quills, Bone & Beaded Custom Jewelry:
  • Earrings - Necklaces - Bracelets - Anklets - Wristbands
    Ceremonial Dance & Regalia of the Northern Plains Indians:
  • Bone Hairpipe Breastplates - Ceremonial Flat Fans
  • Peyote Loose Fans - Beaded Leather Belt Bags
  • Clothing - Feather Bustles - Tribal Dance Regalia
  • Rattles - Wood Flutes - Buffalo Robes

All Native American Indians are proud people. Generations have celebrated their culture with colorful regalia, handcrafted ceremonial artifacts and authentic jewelry that captures the imagination of the world and preserves the traditions of our people.

The struggle of the Northern Plains Indians to survive has inspired generations of artists.
It is with deep respect for my Shoshone ancestors that I create each piece.
Please contact me for current time frame on custom requests.

Thank You, ~Fillimena~

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